Terms and Conditions 



(1) Customers can make no claims for damages. This shall not apply to claims resulting from the loss of life, bodily injury, health damages or the breach of the essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) as well as other to claims for other damages resulting from an intentional or grossly negligent contract breach by the provider or his legal representatives or agents. Contractual obligations are essential if their fulfillment is a necessary requirement to reach the contract’s purposes.

(2) In case of a breach of the essential contractual obligations, provider’s liability shall be limited to the typical, forseeable damages, as long as the breach was caused by an act of simple negligence. This shall not apply, if the damages claims result from the loss of life, bodily injury or health damage.

(3) The above mentioned liability limitations shall also apply to provider’s legal representatives and agents, in case claims have been made directly against them.

Intellectual Property Rights, License 

(1) Provider shall grant customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable and unlimited in time right of use (license) with respect to the purchased digital content, as long as customer has paid the entire purchase price. Customer is not allowed to sublicense the products. Additionally, the provisions in the (License Agreement) apply.

(2) Provider remains the content’s sole copyright owner. The customer is not allowed to remove or modify the copyright notice, serial numbers or any other identification signs on the products. Making the templates available to the public is prohibited. In Particular, customer is not allowed to upload the templates to his own website or other websites for downloading purposes, to copy the templates to carriers, thus making them available to third parties without provider’s explicit written consent and with the exception of private use.

(3) The license shall expire in case a statutory or contractual right to withdrawal is exercised, which leads to reversal of contract. In this case, customer shall undertake to delete all saved data, unless mandatory legal provisions prohibit him from doing so. Customer shall further undertake to delete any copies of the contents in carriers without delay or give them back to provider.

(4) Samples may be obtained royalty free and used without limitation. If the Samples contain a linear succession of musical tones however (melody), they may only be used as long as the author’s name (“Copyright: ”) is indicated. Melodies may not be transferred to third parties

Payment policy

(1) The customer may only pay in advance.

(2) The payment is due immediately upon concluding the contract by phone,email,websites, social media platforms ect.

(3) All Sales are final No-Refunds.